Universal Law is the Control System that Governs Life in the Universe

Thank you for thinking enough of yourself to want to experience more joy in your life!

Universal Law is the immutable ( unassailable absolute ) process that every one of your thoughts is processed through. Your thoughts processed through Universal Law creates what you are experiencing. You could also call Universal Law the Process of Creation. Everyone is Creating what they are experiencing through Universal Law, knowingly or unknowingly.  

When you know how Universal Law works you can lead a life filled with joy as you were designed to.  When you feel pain, of any kind, it is because you are not in harmony with who you really are.

All there is in the Universe is Energy and Information, all Human Beings are made of Energy and Information in different forms!  Energy cannot be created or destroyed, all it can do is change form. Anything you can perceive with your five senses is Energy and Information in different forms. You are manipulating Energy and Information with your Thoughts!

How does Universal Law compare to Religion? Religions are based on a Supreme or Superior Being having control of your life. If you do an internet search for: how many Religions there are, you will find estimates as high as 4,200.  Universal Law supersedes all of them. In its base form, a religion is a Control System, Universal Law is the Ultimate Control System.

Universal Law has prejudged you as perfect and sinless anything you are experiencing that is less then this is your misunderstanding of how Universal Law works.

Universal Law never condemns or punishes you in any way, it does, however, allow you to punish yourself if you choose to.

The statement: All Things Are Possible is a fundamental part of Universal Law. You can experience things you do not like and things you do like. When you know how Universal Law works you can experience more of what you do like and very little of what you do not like.